Kitchen Audit

Kitchen Audit Intro

A comprehensive review of all aspects of your kitchen: from menu execution and consistency to stock control, food safety and staff evaluation. After a thorough analysis, we present you with an action plan and rock-solid recommendations.

The Offer

First we take a 360’ view of how your kitchen currently operates.

Before you can make any changes you need to know exactly what you’re dealing with, your starting point. Here’s where we come in.

We assess your team’s abilities and roles, menu consistency & execution, food safety and hygiene, stock control and purchasing procedures, Your all-important FOH & BOH relationships. A complete, thorough analysis of what makes your kitchen what it is.

Then we get to work.

And provide you with a strong action plan with clear recommendations on what you can improve to develop your kitchen capability, streamline your operations and let your kitchen thrive.

Next Steps

Does our Kitchen Audit resonate? Get in touch today to talk through your needs. We’d love to help.