Our Packages

Our packages

Our packages are your solution to mastering your kitchen.

Choose one, or combine them all. Our highly effective, targeted packages are designed to firstly take a comprehensive assessment of your kitchen, and then empower you to overhaul your kitchen capacity, systems and ultimately your profitability.

Maximising Profits

A detailed action plan on how to boost your kitchen’s profits. We cover how to reduce your food and wage costs, rostering and staff productivity, purchasing, stock control and portion costs, with a focus on your unique business needs.

The Offer

Simply put, to maximize your kitchen profits you need to have an understanding of how your kitchen should be operating.

Our first priority is to put your current kitchen operational costs under the microscope. From this we identify areas to control and manage. We look at staff rostering and productivity (reflective of your business demands). Next up are your menus and recipes where we look at your menus COGS and gross profit, and we check your purchasing practices. Are your chefs purchasing food at the best possible price?

How you control stock is considered, as well as your portion control and your production levels.

Profitability lies in these details, and with our expertise and help you can take ownership of getting this right.

Chef to Chef Advisory

Bring your chef/s on board with the vision for your business, and help them understand their important role in driving its success. A full-spectrum consultation which includes building relationships, creating unique training plans, setting standards, recruitment and more, depending on the needs of your team.

We know investing in your people is crucial to long term business success. Our Chef to Chef Advisory package is custom built to support your chef’s development. Help them to continue to succeed. And bring them on board with your vision for your business.

The Offer

The first stage is to enable them to understand their pivotal role in the business success, and help them to lead, train and mentor their kitchen staff.

We’ll check on key relationships with staff and suppliers, and equip them with top notch recruiting and rostering skills.

Empowering a clear communication style with all staff is next, and then we check they’re onboard with the all-important Food Control Plan.  We’ll help them set high standards and work consistently, efficiently and productively.

We work hard to ensure your chef is your biggest asset.

Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

How to take control of kitchen safety practices to ensure your food, staff and customers are safe. We guide you through all aspects of this complex topic, including kitchen hygiene, best practices and your specific Food Control Plan.

The Offer

Getting the safety aspect of your business right is so crucial, and can easily be overlooked. With this package we cover all details of kitchen safety, starting with the foundations such as food safety, kitchen & personal hygiene and cleaning practices, tasks and schedules.

Next we look at chemical control and equipment maintenance management.  We examine your purchasing practices, stock rotation, food storage safety, rotation and wastage.

Finally we assess your Food Control Plan and ensure your compliance. We cover allergens, correct cookery practices and consistency in food production.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, but the benefit to getting all of these safety details spot on? Vastly improved kitchen systems that support your team’s productivity.

The Food You Serve

Your passion for great food- your raison d’etre. So your food needs to be in line with your vision, exciting for customers, and profitable. This we can help with.

The Offer

Does it get more important than the food you serve? We’ll support you in creating your next profitable menu to be in tune with your business vision whilst exciting for your customers.

You’ll have our expertise in perfecting all the details, including the menu design, development and implementation. We’ll cost it out completely so you’ll know your numbers. Train your staff to execute the menu to perfection, and train the FOH team with tasting notes, upselling and allergens awareness.

Our mission is to give you complete confidence in the food you serve.