About Shane

Meet Shane Avant

Shane is an international, award winning kiwi executive chef. He has spent the last 25 years honing his craft in high end, luxury kitchens all over the world.


From his roots in Paeroa.
Shane completed his four years of traditional culinary training here in New Zealand. He then cut his teeth at some of New Zealand’s most iconic restaurants, under some of the greatest chef mentors.

Then the world came calling.
And Shane’s extraordinary skill and passion took him from New Zealand to Australia, Fiji, France, Maldives, UK and Japan. He won international awards- representing his country and the Asia-Pacific region. No small feat.

Shane has cooked at some of the world’s most high end, exclusive kitchens and luxury resorts. He cooked for international celebrities and members of the British royal family. His style is based in the classics, but with a modern palette and international influence. His flavours are bold, while always respecting tradition.

At each exotic location, Shane has sourced from the local markets and suppliers, focusing on local & seasonal produce to influence his creations.


Shane has always excelled at mentoring young chefs in his kitchens, building strong brigades.
And this passion for nurturing has evolved into utilizing his vast knowledge and expertise to help kiwi hospitality businesses master their kitchens, and create a flourishing industry.