Our Consultation Services

Kitchen Audit

A comprehensive review of all aspects of your kitchen: from menu execution and consistency to stock control, food safety and staff evaluation. After a thorough analysis, we present you with an action plan and rock-solid recommendations.

Maximising Profits

A detailed action plan on how to boost your kitchen’s profits. We cover how to reduce your food and wage costs, rostering and staff productivity, purchasing, stock control and portion costs, with a focus on your unique business needs.

Chef to Chef Advisory

Bring your chef/s on board with the vision for your business, and help them understand their important role in driving its success. A full-spectrum consultation which includes building relationships, creating unique training plans, setting standards, recruitment and more, depending on the needs of your team.

Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

How to take control of kitchen safety practices to ensure your food, staff and customers are safe. We guide you through all aspects of this complex topic, including kitchen hygiene, best practices and your specific Food Control Plan.

The Food You Serve

Your passion for great food- your raison d’etre. So your food needs to be in line with your vision, exciting for customers, and profitable. This we can help with.

One on One Consultancy

Your business needs guidance, but doesn’t fit the usual mould? Our 1 on 1 Consultation Service creates a tailor-made package to suit your needs exactly.